At Willowdale, the health and well-being of your horse is our top priority. Here's a look at some of the farm features we offer our boarding clients:

Large pastures, rolling hills, quality forage

We strive to make sure your horse always has access to fresh, clean pastures comprised of a mixture of perennial grasses and legumes. We take the time to maintain these pastures with regular mowing and dragging to suppress noxious weeds and cycle nutrients. And we never spray pesticides on our fields.


Attention to Detail, A Sound Mind

We take extra time to learn and understand the psychology of your horse, making sure they are grouped with similar individuals.  Mares & foals, barren mares, colts, fillies, breakers, stallions, each animal's behavior is considered before being placed in a group.  This ensures a calm environment, resulting in both a sound body and mind for your horse.  

HOLISTIC Farming yields Results

Rest assured that your horse will receive the best care while boarding with us.  We grow all of our own Timothy and Orchardgrass hay, which is fed throughout the season. Routine soil testing, and a soil scientist on staff means pastures and hayfields are maintained at the highest quality.  Horses receive Strategy feed, and lactating mares are given alfalfa to assist with milk production.