Since 1982, Dr. Harrison has been practicing equine veterinary medicine throughout Maryland. Serving some individual clients for over 30 years, Dr. Harrison knows the importance of a solid, honest client relationship built upon clear, concise, and innovative equine medicine.


Dr. Michael J Harrison

Dr. Harrison has been involved in the equine industry, providing care for horses his whole life. In 1961, his father purchased property in Baltimore County, which included an old stone farmhouse, some stables, and about 30 acres of tough pasture encompassed by a dilapidated fence line. He attended Washington College down on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he rowed on the crew team and even garnered a spot for Olympic tryouts, but not before meeting his wife, Beth. By that time the farm had grown to include some additional acreages. 

Dr. Harrison attended the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, and it was during this time that he and Beth decided to return to Willowdale Farm and start an equine veterinary practice. Basing his mobile practice out of the farm would, in part, ensure the farm's security and stability.  The veterinary practice consists of mobile equine services, while the farm focuses on the breeding, foaling, and raising of Thoroughbred race horses. He began primarily boarding mares and foals with an emphasis on the necessary reproductive care of the mother, and imperative nurturing of a newborn foal. Over the years as his business has expanded, Dr. Harrison has continually developed the necessary techniques and support staff required to provide the highest level of care to his patients, while retaining compassion and common-sense as the bedrock of his practice.   

No matter what time, day or night, I’ve been able to count on Dr. Harrison to assist with several serious emergencies, saving some of our most valuable animals
— John Foster, Dark Hollow Farm

Equine Services provided

  • General Care including medical assessment, blood diagnostics, and on-site stat testing for CBC, chemistry,  fibrinogen, & serum amyloid assay.
  • Preventative care services include routine vaccination, dental care, wellness exams, and consultation.
  • Reproductive Services involving natural cover as well as frozen and cooled semen insemination are offered. Foaling facilities and services are available.
  • Emergency Services are offered and utilize cloud-based digital radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopy.  
  • Lameness evaluation is provided emphasizing a practical,conservative approach.